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Jalisa is an illustrator who came from the small farming community of Lucan, Ontario. She completed her bachelors in illustration through Sheridan College in Oakville, and is now living in Toronto. It has been through her experiences at Sheridan and her internship at the RAID Studio that ignited her passion for storytelling in sequential and other narrative artwork.

After Graduating from Sheridan College, Jalisa worked in partnership with Ruth Rumack's Learning Space to help generate a multitude of fun educational activities, and illustrated a number of children's books for young students to help improve their reading development. She also worked with Blue Ant Media to provide illustrations to be animated for television programs on the Love Nature channel.

Jalisa also has her TESOL certificate through London Language Institute, and studied Japanese at AITAS, a Japanese Language School. She has also helped run and participated in various language exchange programs in Japanese/English and Korean/English.

When not engaged in artistic or linguistic endeavors, Jalisa enjoys surrounding herself with creative content such as board games, video games, reading, watching cartoons, and enjoying music.

If you have any kind of inquiry do not hesitate to send me an email using the form on the left.

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